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If the foundation of your property is no longer adequate for the job it needs to do, then urgent action is required. Let Hamilton Bogie help with a reliable and affordable mini piled underpinning service. Based in Belfast, we cover Northern Ireland and beyond.

Underpinning to strengthen the foundation of a building


There are many reasons why a building’s foundations may become insufficient to the task of safely supporting the structure. If it was not properly installed during the initial construction, if nearby construction work has required excavation and the removal of supporting structures, if the properties of the soil supporting the structure have changed – even a change in usage of the building may mean the existing foundations are no longer adequate!

If your property’s foundations require attention to ensure that they are sufficient to support the structure of the building, then underpinning is the answer, and Hamilton Bogie can help. We use mini piling to underpin foundations, providing a fast, efficient, and effective solution to the problem of inadequate foundation strength.


Traditional underpinning is the oldest form of underpinning, and probably the best known. It involves careful excavation of soil under the foundations, searching for a sold, stable layer that will properly support the load of the property. As material is removed, it is replaced with concrete, forming a solid foundation. However, this method is only economical and recommended where a load-bearing layer can be found without having to excavate too far down. Where the load-bearing strata is some way below the current foundation, it rapidly becomes inefficient and expensive.

We are experts in mini piling, and can use this to underpin buildings, particularly those where the load-bearing strata is deeper. In these circumstances, mini piled underpinning is cheaper, safer, faster, and a far more efficient solution.


Thanks to our expertise and experience, our team can work very efficiently, We also own a fleet of mini piling plant that allows us to operate without the added overhead of hiring in the right equipment for the job. This means that we are able to ensure our prices are always competitive, making our underpinning service a great option for your project. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, or request a free, no obligation quote for the work that you need, please contact our office today.

Underpinning being used to strengthen a foundation
close-up of industrial rig, drilling holes in the ground

When you need the assistance of a specialist team, then Hamilton Bogie is here to help. We are Belfast’s underpinning specialists.

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