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Industrial drilling rig on a construction site


Making light work of limited access sites, the team at Hamilton Bogie are experts in the field of mini piling. From our base in Belfast, we’ve undertaken work for clients throughout Ireland, offering a reliable service at a competitive rate.

Piling equipment in operation


Piling is often the best option for foundations, and as such it’s used on a huge range of projects. However, not every site is accessible by standard piling equipment – and that’s where our mini piling expertise comes to the fore. We are one of the leading mini piling companies in Northern Ireland, with more than two decades of experience in providing a highly regarded service.

Mini piling is the ideal solution for projects where access is an issue, sites with limited headroom, projects where vibration and noise are a critical factor, and small jobs where a conventional piling solution would not be cost effective. If you’re planning a project and require expert piling assistance, speak to the specialists at Hamilton Bogie today.


Every building site is different and presents its own set of specific challenges. A common issue that can make it difficult to install piling using standard equipment is access – piling machinery is large! When access is limited, Hamilton Bogie can help. We specialise in mini piling, with a range of options including hand-held air-operated equipment that can be used effectively in very limited space, ensuring that your project’s piling needs are properly met.

Our mini piling equipment has the added benefit of being low noise and low vibration, making it a great option where this is a concern. If your construction project is based in a residential area, for example, we can ensure that the piling is completed with minimal disruption to your neighbours.


Unsurprisingly, moving a large piling machine to your site costs a lot of money, as does the expertise of the people needed to operate it safely and effectively. Thanks to its much smaller size, mini piling machinery is cheaper to move, cheaper to run, and requires a smaller team to operate. This makes it a cheaper, more cost-effective option for smaller projects, such as home extensions or conservatory installation. Make things as simple and affordable as possible with a little help from Hamilton Bogie, the mini piling specialists.

Mini piling machine in a small yard
close-up of industrial rig, drilling holes in the ground

Let Hamilton Bogie get the job done. We provide a mini piling service in Belfast, across Northern Ireland, and beyond.

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