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Ballywalter - Temporary Anchors in sand


You can make sure that your site is stable and not prone to soil movement with the installation of soil anchors. Hamilton Bogie can install these anchors quickly and securely. Contact our Belfast office today – we cover all of Northern Ireland and beyond.

A small work site


A soil anchor is a simple and effective way to stop retaining structures from shifting, which can result in an unstable and potentially dangerous site. They consist of a steel bar or cable that is grouted into a hole in the soil or rock. At one end, this is bonded to the soil or rock, and at the other it is attached to the anchor head. The completed soil anchor then transfers the load along its length to the anchor head, helping to keep the site stable.

Ideal even for poor ground conditions, soil anchors are used for many projects across Northern Ireland, and we are the experts that your project needs. We can carry out a site visit and offer advice on the precise specifications for the necessary anchors, before supplying and installing them at a competitive price. To find out more, or to arrange a site visit, please get in touch.


Thanks to their high load capacity, soil anchors are an excellent solution to instability on many different sites, but they are particularly suitable for smaller sites, or sites where access is limited. They do not require large excavations, unlike other stabilisation techniques, and they provide a durable, low impact option. As soil anchors are constructed of very durable material that is corrosion-resistant, they require very little in the way of maintenance, making them a great option.

Whether you require ground stabilisation for temporary excavation support, as part of a permanent retaining feature, or for any other reason, our team can help. We can make sure that your site is adequately stabilised and ready for your project to move forwards.


The team at Hamilton Bogie has been installing soil anchors for clients across Northern Ireland and beyond since 2001. We are highly experienced and are able to guarantee and effective and efficient installation service that will get the job done promptly. Ensuring that soil anchors are correctly installed is extremely important and can help to ensure that your site remains stable and secure. To arrange for a free, no obligation quote for the work, please contact our office today.

Soil anchors being installed
close-up of industrial rig, drilling holes in the ground

Let Hamilton Bogie help ensure the stability of your site with professionally installed soil anchors. Contact us in Belfast for details.

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